22 November 2006


Fish Hatchery, Oroville, California;
Guest "Window Gazer": Kathryn Beaumont Levine, © 2006
[Click on image to enlarge]


Andrew Glazebrook said...

What TV channel is that ? It looks more fun than the rubbish my TV shows !!

Anne said...

THERE'S something I don't expect to see in a window. What an interesting picture. Have you been to the Mandalay Bay Casino in Las Vegas? Their fish exhibit is great! I would have some great photos, but my camera jammed. :(

Brian Sibley said...

The photographer, Kathryn Beaumont Levine, writes:

Thanks for posting the salmon picture on your blog... and for the neat comments!

The salmon was most cooperative in hovering a few seconds, in time for me to snap the pic. I had been looking at a blank window for a while, patiently waiting. It paid off!!