21 December 2008


Another of John K Clark's stained glass windows the Giffnock Synagogue in Glasgow photographed for Window Gazing by Sharon Mail.SHARON MAIL.

This window symbolizes the Festival of Lights...

The Festival of Lights commemorates the victory of the Maccabees over Syrian Greek rule in 175 BCE. The Greeks had defiled the Temple and the Maccabean victory led to the dedication of the Temple and the kindling of the menorah, the Temple Candelabrum. Only a single small jar of undefiled oil could be found, but that miraculously burned for eight days until more could be produced. To commemorate this miracle one more candle is lit in the Chanukah menorah each day, and the window alludes to this by depicting each flame in a different shade.

Palm branches represent the victory over Hellenism, a laurel wreath in the darkness at the base of the window indicates the end of Greek rule and golden vine leaves provide a reminder of the Temple. The window also shows a dreidel, a small spinning top used in a traditional Chanukah game.

© Sharon Mail 2008

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