05 September 2011


J W M Turner

Stained glass by John Hayward of Edenbridge, Kent, commemorating J W M Turner (1775-1851) in St Mary's Church, Battersea, London.

It is said that JMW Turner painted some of his riverscape studies of light from the vestry window of the church. He lived in a terrace house across the river in Chelsea, which can be seen from the churchyard, and was rowed over everyday by his servant in order that he might paint. 'Turner's Chair', in which he sat to paint, is now one of the chairs in the sanctuary of the church. The window contains an early self-portrait of Turner set against a drawing of the West end of the church. This is lightly treated on white glass in a style suggested by Turner's paintings, in red, orange and golds. Below the portrait are reminders of his close association wit the Royal Academy. At bottom left are shown the original works of Morgan's Crucibles, a local industry, the donors of the window.

© Brian Sibley 2010

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