14 October 2006

Bear Essentials

Art Shop, Bishop's Stortford; © Brian Sibley, 2006
Blogged on Pooh's 80th birthday!
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Andrew Glazebrook said...

I recognise Eeyore and Pooh,and is that Christopher Robin's Mam I spot ?

Brian Sibley said...

When asked, the man in the Art Shop in Bishop's Stortford assured me that it was actually Christopher Robin's nanny, Alice (who took CR to see the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace), but I think he just made that up!

Dizzie Diva said...

Nice to see that there is an art store where the whole family can get art in a one stop shopping trip ;-)

Brian Sibley said...

Also nice that to know that Eeyore still has good, old-fashioned manners and is willing to protect - at least partially - a woman's modesty!