15 October 2006


New York; © Brian Sibley, 2006
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Andrew Glazebrook said...

After Cow Biscuits fire escapes are my favourite thing in the world,well I maybe exaggerating a bit,but I do love em. That and old Buildings. When we went on location with 'The Outsiders' we were right near an old Tobacco warehouse,there are claims that at the time it was built it was the biggest building in the world. Loads of fire escapes too ! Pics of it here
I remember Director David Lynch said he'd rather spend the day looking around old factories than go to Disney land,I'd have to agree !!

Brian Sibley said...

Great shots of an amazing building on that site - I also LOVE the preposterous hexagonal clock tower with the castellated top! Wonderful!

Andrew Glazebrook said...

When we re-created that Tower for 'The Outsiders' I put the question forward,why was there a clock tower in the middle of the outer hebrides on a sea fort,don't think anyone was bothered about the answer,they just liked the location :) They had the door at the bottom open when we were over there whilst they were filming and the place was full of Pidgeons !!