12 October 2006


The Old Bank Hotel, Oxford; © Brian Sibley, 2006
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Phil said...

I'm not sure what it's meant to be, but that's a scary picture!

Brian Sibley said...

Yes, scary's the word!

It is, in fact, a sculpture of a head positioned outside the window - which is on the second floor! - so as to be looking in!

Andrew Glazebrook said...

Is the sculpture just of the head then ? What's it on a shelf ? Nice piccy,like the angle. I sometimes see things from that angle after to many pints of Guinness,mind you the focus goes too !

Brian Sibley said...

Yep, just the head - on the flat roof outside.

The angle is a 'Dutch Tilt'; the one YOU experience after too many pints of Guinness is an Irish Tilt!

Andrew Glazebrook said...